Friday, February 24, 2006

It's So Unfair: Boot Camps

If your child is giving you grief, send him to boot camp...if you seriously devalue his life. Martin Lee Anderson was a 14 year old CHILD who was sent to a boot camp in Panama City, Florida. This poor kid had the gall, the utter audacity, to get sick. And what did the humanitarian guards do? They decided to set him straight by kicking him, hitting him, kneeing him, and wrestling this damn near unconcious child to the ground. And a f*cking so-called nurse stood by and watched. But, so did someone with a camera.

Martin died the next day, supposedly from complications due to sickle cell anemia. Now, don't you just wonder, if the people in charge had said "hey, this child is sick and close to passing out, maybe we should get him to a hospital", he would be alive today?

The news had to SUE to make the video tape of this child being abused available to the public. Now, if a parent were to strike a child hard enough to cause damage, that parent could be arrested. So why are "correctional officers" allowed to beat the hell out of this kid and deny him medical assistance until it's too late?

And, do you want to know why he was sent to such a place? (1) he stole his gramdomther's Jeep. (2) he violated probation by trespassing at a school.

So, when I was a kid, some friends and I went joyriding in one of my friends' mother's car. I also, went to a school that I didn't attend to visit a friend. I guess I was lucky enough that my mother didn't ship me off to get killed.


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