Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's So Unfair: Super Helpful People

I am now a mother of a one month old. I know people are trying to help with all of their advice, however, I don't they've considered two very important things. (1) I haven't asked for help and (2) hearing advice constantly from 10 different people starts to grate on your nerves really fast. I'm beginning to wonder if people think I'm absolutely clueless. I'm not, I worked in the infant room for over a year and moved with the babies as they progressed through the center. All of those babies turned out fine. Granted, I never had them overnight (except once when I babysat) so I didn't get to really experience the lack of sleep and how it affects you. But I'm working through that, just as anyone else would.

This isn't to say that all advice is unappreciated. If you ever hear me say "I have no idea what to do" or "Will you help me?", feel free to offer advice. But, I have yet to say that. She's my baby and we're doing just fine.

I must say, the best advice I've gotten so far came from a guy who told me to "ignore all the bullsh*t people tell me and do what I feel is right". Best advice I've heard so far and the only one I've taken to heart. He's been through it, so he could sense my frustration. :)


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