Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's So Unfair: You Better Call Tyrone

Maybe we shouldn't call Tyrone. Then again...

Part of me hates this, why can't we get rid of that word, variations and all. But Tyrone put up this explanation and I can't hate on it so much. I hate when people play with my emotions.

"This site is in no way meant to be racist. Moreover, it's supposed to bring a community of people together, rather than apart.

A common endearing term used by many black people is, "nigga" not to be confused with a different and offensive term, "nigger". The word, "nigga" is in rap songs, daily conversations, on TV, etc. yet the word still has so much mixed emotions attached. One of my intentions is for this word to no longer have such mixed emotions. I want the word to unify a people who have made so many strides in society. I do not wish for the word to conjur up images of hate or ignorance, rather images of brotherhood.

How great would it be, if the mixed emotions that this word carries along with it, were stripped down to something more positive? Only positive.

Of course there are going to be two sides to this, but just know that intentions are noble. So create an account, and start the revolution!

Tyrone and Staff"

Take a peek and see what you think. Nigga Space


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